Thursday, 14 April 2011

TVXQ One Translation

Each time I open my eyes,
I make sure you're by my side

The words I couldn't say back then overflow now...
It hurts

How can you forgive me?
Even when I brought you to tears so many times
The smile you give in return is your answer
"Thank you".... that's all I can say

* Someday I'll lay my love on you
Baby I don't wanna lose it now
Just one, my only one
However much the wind blows against me
Even if it seems like I'll get lost
There's just one, only one person... you

But still, my heart whispers,
"Can this love really last?"
We shared our sorrows from the very beginning...
I can only do something like that with you

Let's name it 'eternity'
This nameless love,
There's just one
The two of us need no other wordsLooking into your eyes, I vow this
Let me be by your side... forever

The two of us were bound together by small miracles...
I'm sure of it

I pray for this love to be true
I can't part with you
I'd miss you... my baby you
I offer you my everything
In a sky that's all yours, I'll put a rainbow
And we'll cross it together

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