Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Nak Dr Mayra cucikan luka?

Assalamualaikum semua. Apa khabar? Harapnya semua sihat-sihat dan berbahagia dengan insan tersayang di sisi. Siapa bahagia, senyum sikit….. haaa barulah cantik dan handsome semuanya.

Alhamdulillah, sekarang ini Mayra berada di posting Primary Care Medicine (PCM). Apa itu PCM? Actually PCM ialah penjagaan kesiharan dan perubatan pesakit di luar penjagaan hospital. PCM termasuklah rawatan kecihatan, rawatan pencegahan, promosi kesihatan dan rawatan segala penyakit tanpa perlu memasukkan pesakit ke hospital. Contoh paling senang, klinik kesihatan. Suntikan Immunisasi kanak-kanak adalah sejenis rawatan primary care, pemeriksaan mengandung, rawatan penyakit tidak serius seperti demam selesema atau sakit jangka masa lama seperti darah tinggi atau kencing manis.

Jadi sekarangnya, Mayra attach di beberapa klinik kesihatan. Cuti sebentar dari kehidupan busy di hospital. Hehe tapi siapa cakap kerja di KK tak busy? Busy ya amat! Jumlah pesakit yang ke KK setiap hari boleh mencecah 700-800 orang! Ramai ya Allah.

Hari ini, Mayra berada di bilik rawatan dan kecemasan. Masuk jer bilik tu, terus nurse tanya, reti buat dressing tak? (dressing = cuci luka) and I was like, alamak, selama ni tak pernah buat dressing. Manalah reti. Nasib baik, nurse Ain baik. Dia guide kami step per step macam mana nak buat proper dressing.

Hari ini saja, Mayra buat hampir 10 dressing. Satu dressing ambil masa 15-60 minit depends keadaan luka. Disebabkan ramai sangat pesakit, Mayra terpaksa buat dressing sorang2. Berpeluh wehh nak siapkan dressing sorang-sorang, on your first day of doing it!

Tapi alhamdulillah, banyak benda belajar hari ini. Daripada tak tahu langsung macam mana nak buat dressing, sampai boleh handle dressing sorang-sorang (I am proud!!!).

gambar-gambar ini diambil waktu lunch, selepas semua patient dah habis....

p/s dalam bilik rawatan, sempat dingurat (betol ke perkataan ni?) oleh waris pesakit. Amboiii.. mungkin sebab seharian pakai face mask. Kalau tak pakai mask, takde sape nak pandang kita.. hahaha

Boleh jadi geng dengan Dr Kang Mo Yeon, cantik bila pakai face mask jer.. haha

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

10 reasons why TVXQ Catch Me Live in Malaysia is the best concert!

Assalamualaikum and hye guys!!

So today is 518, means today is TVXQ Catch Me live in Kuala Lumpur 3rd anniversary!! Wowwww how time flies… and I miss the boys so so so so much!!

Actually TVXQ Catch Me live in Kuala Lumpur was my first ever concert that I’ve ever attend and I’ve attended a few concerts after that (CNBLUE Cant Stop Live in Malaysia, Exolution Live in Malaysia and T1STORY Live in Bangkok) but in my perspectives view, TVXQ Catch Me Live in Kuala Lumpur is the best concert I’ve ever had in my life!! I even went to Bangkok to see TVXQ (T1STORY Live in Bangkok) but still, the feelings were not the same.

Here is the list why I think TVXQ Catch Me Live in Kuala Lumpur is the best concert I’ve ever had in my life.

1.       This is my first time to ‘date’ with TVXQ
cr : pic

-          Well, I became TVXQ’s fans or so called Cassiopeia since 2009/2010. I think its quite a long period of time for me to be a very committed fan towards a 5 younger men who are very hot, handsome, well dedicated and bla bla bla (if you want me to list down the good things about them, the list will not finish until next year..hahaha). since I was first entered the fandom, I never dream to attend their concert, to meet them, to see them with my naked eyes and to be a part of the ‘Red Ocean’. so I was very excited to meet my idol for the first time, to have a date eye-to-eye..hahaha

2.       This is my first concert ever.

-          As I mentioned above, this concert is my first concert. There was a quote saying “ the first time you do a thing is always exciting”

3.       My contributions towards the concert.

-          For every concert (I’m not sure other concert, but kpop concert do have this) there will be some fanproject arranged by fanclubs to show support towards the artist. And my contribution was, I donated some money for the fanproject and volunteered to distribute the fangoods to all the fans before entering the concert venue. Yah, its tiring, because we had some issues to deal with, but it was great!! I am proud to myself… LOL

4.       The concert venue.

-          The concert itself was held at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam. You know, when I first heard about stadium shah alam, I was like (not only me, I think all the fans) whattttt why use the small stadium?? Don’t we have other big stadium so we can have a big concert??? Aha! That was my first impression. But when the day came, I was like Thank god we use the small one.. because we cant see the boys more nearer and more clearly and the boys also can see our faces and all our fanproject!

5.       My seat was the best among the best!

-          When I entered the venue, me and Sarah were puzzled around looking for our seat and after a couple of minutes, we found our seat. That seats were at the last row of our seating zone, but at that time, we were okay since we still can see TVXQ clearly from that seat. 5 minutes later, suddenly a Chinese couple approached us and claimed it was their seat. 
view from my mistaken seat. haha
I was shocked and try to look again at my ticket before start searching again our place. And guess what?? Our seats located at the first row of the seating zone!!! Cant you believe it??? I was like omaigodddd i am in front row and it was really near to the stage and you can even see the boy’s pimple (if they got it)..haha
view from my actual seat!!

6.       The boys were so handsome and awesome!
the closest picture of yunho. omo he is just in front of me i can grab his legs!

-          This one, I wouldn’t comment much because it is a fact and everybody know the standard of TVXQ. Hahaha

7.       The overall performances were… (I don’t know what word to use to describe it!)
kiss kiss kiss
-          4 years becoming a fans, and you just watch their faces, songs, MVs, performances and variety show through your laptop or TV, then suddenly they stood in front of you, singing and dancing your favorite songs, can you understand my feelings that time. The moment when TVXQ appeared, when they dance to their old songs, Rising Sun, O, Mirotic, Purple Line and Wrong Number, it was priceless!! It was my precious unforgettable moment I’ve ever had!

8.       The organizer was jjangg!!
cr pic

-          The organizer, JPM is one of the best organizer! They really concern about what fan need and address them very well. Congratulations JPM for a very success concert and thank you for bringing TVXQ here.. mmuahhh

9.       I went there with my dearest Cassiopeia friend aka my ‘madu’

-          One of the best thing is, I went there with Sarah!! I met her around 2011 during the fan gathering and we started to know each other at FB, knowing that her bias in TVXQ also changmin. We always talk about our dream to meet TVXQ and the dream came true!!!

10.   The fanproject went well!

-          The fanproject was success and we were able to make yunho almost crying..hahaha the fanproject include the fan putting up the banner saying “ we will always with you” during the Unforgettable song and if you can find the fancam, you can see clearly yunho’s eye, holding back the tears. Yunho keep saying Thank you while Changmin keep repeating “ We are so sorry for not coming here for the past 6 years,”. OMO each time they mentioned it, the fans were like “andwaeeee.. kwenchanaaaa,”. And the epic moment when changmin said, “ Sawa saya awak,” with his cute expression instead of saya sayang awak. hahhaa

Thats it!! Actually i got many more things to say here, but the story will not finish until tomorrow! Hahaha... so i will stop here. I just hope that i will get another chances to meet them again, both of them and i really wish to see five of them (OT5 feelings) to be on stage together again. Always keep the faith. Forever Cassiopeia.

Till we meet again.. bye bye..