Friday, 1 January 2016

Kim Junsu and Hani revealed to be dating??!!

Annyeong~~~ I cant believe that my first post for this new year is about Kim Junsu!! Well, I’ve never write about him, but for this first time, I am!

Wait.. who is Junsu actually? Junsu is one of TVXQ members (TVXQ is my fav artist basically). You can just ask my good friend, Mr Google to know more about him!

Well, today is the new year. yeay!! Happy new year everybadih! And you know what, Kim Junsu gave us Cassiopeia a happy new year gift!! I don’t know whether it is a gift or sad news, but I’m happy with the news. Kim Junsu is now dating!! With who? With his fan, who is now an idol too, EXID Hani! Congratulation!!!!!

After 12 years debuting as an idol, this is his first dating news came out! He surely had a good name in industry…hahaha

Many fans are sad right now, because of the news. But I’m happy with it! I mean, come on dude! He is 30 years old now, he is a human. He need someone to be loved with. At least, he proves to us that he is not gay! Hahaha

For me, Hani is okay. I don’t know much about Hani. I knew her as I watched her in Running man. Otherwise, I never heard her songs.. well, maybe I should listen to her song later. But as a fan, I don’t mind who is Junsu dating with. I’m sure there is something special about Hani that Junsu can see (while we cannot see) that’s makes him to fall in love with her. Hani is so beautiful what! Hahaha

Anyway, Hani is such a lucky girl. Junsu is one of the nicest guy i've ever seen (inside tv of cos!). Junsu is good looking, great voice and he is rich man (i mean he owned his own hotel before reach 30 years old!) Hani is Cassiopeia too! I mean, she proves that as a fan, we can get our idol to be our boyfriend.. LOL

Seriously, I’m happy with this news. I hope that Junsu is happy with Hani (of course he is!) and Hani can take a good care of Junsu and vice versa. I pray for them! To other fans, I’m begging you, please don’t bash or hate this couple. They deserve to have someone who they can share their loves. Please. Just remember, if Junsu does not date Hani now, will he date you???? Hahhahaha

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  1. dah lama dah isu ni sebenarnya. haha first2 terkejut gak tapi takpelah hani pun cantik so sama2 padan lah kan? hehe