Monday, 19 November 2012

Song Ji Hyo's story...

Assalamualaikum...Hye... Annyeongg....
the story tonight???? tonight i'm gonna talk about song jihyo.. who is song ji hyo?? You dont know who is song ji hyo?? chinncha???? aigooo.. ok la, for those who didnt know song ji hyo, let me introduce her..

Song Ji Hyo.. beautiful right???
Song Ji-hyo (born Cheon Seong-im, August 15, 1981) is a South Korean TV and film actress. She is well known for her portrayal of ballerina Min Hyo Rin in Princess Hours, Lady Ye So-ya in MBC Jumong and as the Queen in A Frozen Flower. Currently, she appears on TV frequently as a member of Running Man (TV series), a popular Korean variety show.
She is currently a cast member of SBS variety show Running Man. Song was originally a guest for the second (episode 2-3) and third landmark (episode 4-5). She officially joined the program in the fourth landmark (episode 6) but was unable to attend until the fifth landmark (episode 7). Some of her characters on the show are Mong (blank) Ji-Hyo, Ace Ji-Hyo, Bad Ji-Hyo and also one half of the Monday couple with Kang Gary.
(copied from wikipedia)

So why i want to write about her??? Well, because she reallyyy beautiful!!!! ahakss!!!  (excited) >.<
haha... actually, i just watched Entertainment Weekly on Kbs and in Guerilla Date segment, there was Ji hyo!!! Wow,,, she's really beautiful and cute... No wonder why Kang Gary really crazy for her..haha..

“She’s really hardworking. It’s kind of obvious that at her position as the sole female member is very difficult. But she doesn’t care at all about that and just works hard. She’s also really fun once you get to know her. Every filming, I’m having so much fun throwing jokes left and right.” ~ kang gary

What i want to share are, some funny conversation between Ji Hyo and her fans in guerilla date..

A fans asked her..
"Which one is handsome, Kang Gary or this man (reporter)".. Ji hyo takes a time to think which one better, but at last, she answeres "Kim jaejoong".. LOL.. i think she doesnt want to break fan's heart who loved to see her with kang gary.. Monday Couple jjanggg...but of course jaejoong is the most handsome man!! well, ji hyo and jaejoong were cast together in the new movie 'Jackal is coming'.. i havent watch it yet, but maybe later...  ^^

then a boy fan scream loudly when get to see her face to face..
MC: do song ji hyo beautiful??
fan: yessssssss!!!!!
mc: how much beautiful is she?
fan: she is beautiful as earth and sky!!!!
mc: do u love her?
mc: who is ur favorite actress?
fan: song.... hye..... kyo......
ji hyo: ( burst of laugh)
LOL... how dare was that guy say like that in front our ji hyo.. but its soo funny right,,

Actually, there's a lot fun in this guerilla date and i'm sure  fans were having a great time with our mong jihyo.. hehehe....they can see ji hyo face to face.. they also had a chance to hug her.. (jealous).. and many more.. so for those who havent watch this episode yet, u must watch it!!! sorry i couldnt find that video link to attach it here.. i fond it in youtube but only with vietnam subbed...

So, thats all for a moment. see u next time..  :) Song Ji Hyo Saranghae.......  <3


  1. i really love her..she's so beautiful!! i dont like it when there is another guest girl came to running man. all of the members will ignore her.poor her..

    #broken english :)

  2. kunjungan gan , bagi-bagi motivasi
    semoga menjadi semangat .. :)
    Tidak ada yang namanya hari yang tidak penting dalam kehidupan manusia ini. Setiap saat berharga.